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Facial Service
  • Anti-aging, Vitamin C, and more.
Laser/IPL Hair Removal
  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Permanent Hair Removal for any color of hairs
Medical Photo Facial service
  • De-pigments, Lip Plumping etc.


Special Offer

 Laser or Electrolysis?

Yumiko Bishop Electrolysis and Sakura Medical Spa are now supporting

each other to serve our clients with The Best Service! 

both are located @1248 Solano Ave. Albany CA 94706

Call us Today (510) 488-1230.  We will give you a complimentary 

consultation and an evaluation to see weather you are 

a candidate for Laser Hair Removal or electrolysis.  If you are a 

candidate for laser hair removal, you will receive 20% off of your first laser 

hair removal treatment.

Offer ends, 3/31/2015








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