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We are passionate about helping you feel your best. For us, that starts with your

At Cactus Beauty, we aim to help you feel confident in your own skin. We utilize high-quality, medical grade, state-of-the-art cosmetic injectables and customizable anti-aging procedures, to support skin integrity and enhance its appearance.

We believe skin health is not a luxury, it's an

Investing in yourself builds true confidence and allows your beauty to radiate from the inside out.

We can't wait to help you feel confident in your beautiful skin!

Invest in your skin health



Help prevent and treat wrinkles


Enhance your natural beauty

Filler Dissolution

Filler correction

Jessicca Walsh

Meet The Founder

“I believe that each treatment is unique to every patient, and injecting is a form of art; created to leave each patient feeling confident and refreshed.”

A lover of health and fitness and all things good for your body. Jessicca is passionate about providing the utmost care to her clients and helping them build confidence, to become an unsurpassed version of themselves.

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Invest In Your Skin Health

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