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Botox + Dysport are both excellent for reducing fine lines and wrinkles that have developed over time, and to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. They are known to reduce the lines on the forehead, crows' feet, (around the eyes), and the lines formed when eyebrows are frowned, (11's). Most appointments for Botox/Dysport last 15-30 minutes allowing you to get back to your day with no down time! Patients can return to strenuous activity 24 hours after the procedure. Bruising and slight headache are possible. Results begin to show 2-7 days after injection and last 3-4 months. Plan your Botox/Dysport appointment 2 weeks prior to a planned event.

Botox and Dysport are both a medication that is injected into your muscle to stop the muscle from contracting. At your appointment you will be individually assessed to determine dosing based on the strength of your muscle and muscle mass. 

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Help prevent and treat wrinkles

Dysport | $3.25 per Unit
Botox | $10 per Unit

(Each treatment is unique to the patient, so pricing may vary).


Enhance your natural beauty

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Lips | $600
Cheeks | $800
Jaw Line | $800
Chin | $800
Tear Trough | $900

(under eye)

Fillers can be used to enhance your natural beauty. Fillers can eliminate wrinkles, increase volume loss, and plump and hydrate the lips. Most appointments for fillers take 30-60 minutes and require slight down-time. Results will be immediate, but slight bruising and minimal swelling is possible. Plan your filler appointment 2 weeks prior to a planned event.

"I believe that each treatment is unique to every patient, and injecting is a form of art; created to leave each patient feeling confident and refreshed."

Filler Dissolution

Cactus Beauty offers filler dissolution for previously placed filler or for filler correction. If interested in getting the area retreated, an appointment will need to be scheduled 2 weeks after getting the filler dissolved. 

Filler correction

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